Ice Breaker Scripts

25 Conversation Starters You Can Use On Parties, Meetings, Clubs, And Immediately Create A Connection To Everyone In The Room!

This Is For Introverts, Feeling-Awkward People, Feeling-Nerdy or Just Anyone Who Wants To Be Friendly

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Hello, Jan Valde here. Believe it or not, but you’re currently talking to the leader of the science club, and former chess club champion, and you know what that means right? I’m one of the nerds. Yes I was awkward, introverted and my only source of social life was the NPC’s I talk to in Online games. But as I progressed in life, I took up Marketing and Social Courses and I realized, I cannot stay inside my shell any longer if I want to succeed financially and socially. So I tried to approach women, groups and colleagues however I just didn’t know the RIGHT THING TO SAY! Well that was until I was invited into my sister’s wedding. My sister said to not be awkward and to simply focus on the event and that it wasn’t about me but it was about her.

So I went there, wearing my tux and everything, and there I saw my sister in her wedding dress. I couldn’t help but simply start conversations with my sister’s friends about how she was when she was little and tell jokes about how she went from being a baby to someone’s baby and I realized it wasn’t that hard at all.

You simply had to connect whatever it is that’s happening around you to what you wanted to talk about. But of course, this skill didn’t happen overnight. I had to expose myself to all kinds of events and parties to finally get it right.

So After all my struggles and awkward retries, I finally created this booklet that will solve all your awkward needs. My Icebreaker Script Booklet!

This contains all the first liners you need to get a conversation started with anyone ANYWHERE!

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